Who We Are

Our Mission

Community Partners for Affordable Housing advances equitable communities and housing justice through developing sustainable and long-lasting housing, providing our residents with services for stabilization and growth, and connecting people who are unhoused with a place to call home.


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Our Values
01.Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are a culturally affirming and responsive organization. We prioritize communities that have been historically and are currently underserved so that our housing, services, and workplace meet the needs of diverse individuals and cultures.

02.Our Residents' Experience and Perspective

We build housing for people, provide trauma-informed services and building design, and prioritize lived experience.


03.Stable, Affordable, and Sustainable Housing

Housing is integral to healthy communities and is a platform for individual and family success.



We partner with community-based organizations, with funders and local governments, and especially with the people we serve who are central to the work we do.



We advocate for housing justice in the communities we serve.

06.Environmental Sustainability

CPAH protects and preserves the environment at every opportunity in our current and future buildings, services, and work spaces.

Our Story

Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) is dedicated to building quality affordable housing opportunities with services and programs in Washington County and SW Portland.  We have been part of the local response to this growing need for 30 years.  CPAH began as a small grass roots organization at St. Anthony’s Church in Tigard, and has since expanded its reach to grow our impact.  We now serve all of Washington County from Hillsboro to Beaverton, as well as SW Portland.  CPAH’s specialty is that we are committed to this place in particular.  Our home is here, and we want everyone to be housed with access to life affirming services so that we all thrive together.

Financial Report
Financial Report
Financial Report
A stable home creates a foundation for life.

When I was 24, I started doing HIV prevention work.  I learned right away that if someone didn’t have a place to live, everything else was practically impossible.  Housing is a platform– for health, for learning, for family, for connectedness.  Somewhere out there are our next true leaders and guides – the next Maya Angelou, the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the next Martin Luther King, the next Albert Einstein.  Maybe they are in CPAH housing?  I want them to have everything they need.

Rachael Duke

Executive Director

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