Equity Statement

Equity & Inclusion
Community Partners for Affordable Housing is dedicated to building the way home to a more equitable and anti-racist community.

Housing is a human right and is essential for our communities to be strong, healthy, and vibrant. Access to quality housing should never be determined by a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, or any other characteristic based on identity. Community Partners for Affordable Housing endeavors to create an equitable world by building quality housing and providing access to that housing; housing which serves as a platform for choice, strength, and stability, and is available to our residents for as long as they need it.

Yet building is not enough. We recognize the impacts of systemic racism, trauma, and poverty. We are committed to creating opportunities for our residents to succeed in life while holding hope for a better world by providing stable housing, as well as economic and educational opportunities. CPAH is also dedicated to creating healthy living environments to support and further environmental justice. We commit to listening to our residents; each individual is their own best expert in their life, and the most qualified to determine what they need.

Together, as partners, we can co-create a world where everyone thrives.