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Provides training and support for Resident Advisory Committee.


Provides learning supplies, healthy snacks, and staffing for our After School Homework Club program.



Provides Wi-Fi hotspots for 5 residents to connect them with the internet and access to online resources.



Provides food supplies for a senior cooking class.


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Volunteer with CPAH. Be an invaluable part of the CPAH community!

Story of Hope

Following years of housing insecurity and homelessness, Talaur and her young son finally moved into Cedar Grove. Living homeless in Hawaii was not easy. They were both surrounded by crime, feeling unsafe and frightened. Talaur had a strong desire for her own place to call home. She knew that she needed to change her life around, and when she had a chance to move in with a relative in Oregon, she took it. Arriving here, she knew she did not plan to stay with her relatives for long. She did not want to continue to rely on family members and was determined to change her situation. She began applying to her local housing assistance programs.

“The minute I got here, I was looking for apartments, calling places. It was phone calls and emails every day.” Talaur was also racing against time. She had been lucky enough to secure a voucher to help with housing payments, but the voucher was due to expire. Once that happened, she would be even further behind with no rent assistance to make a new home possible. She figured that if she were proactive and hopeful, something good would come her way. And it did.

“This apartment (Cedar Grove) called me and told me they had an opening, and I cried…It was like someone knocked the air out of me. I was expecting to wait two years to hear from this place. I was like ‘Son this is our Christmas gift. We’re going to our own place. You’re going to have your own room.’”

Living in a location where grocery stores, parks, and public transportation are accessible gives Talaur the independence and access to resources she needs to create a home. Most importantly, it gives her child a safe environment to grow up in. Talaur is grateful for this stability for her son, explaining that having a place to live has given him a chance to be a kid again.

“This place is a kid magnet. There is a whole community room for kids and families so they can gather. That is perfect…It is good for a young child to grow up around kids.”

These days Talaur is raising her child in an environment where they both can thrive. She looks forward to pursuing more education in the future.