The CPAH Team
Rachael Duke

Stable homes are the foundation of good lives, resilient families and strong communities – what better work is there to do?

Fun fact – I love to play music.

Rachael Duke
Executive Director
Jilian Saurage Felton

I believe housing is a human right. Affordable housing is the protection of this human right.

Fun fact – I started buying my own Lego sets when I started buying them for my kids because Legos are fun!

Jilian Saurage Felton
Housing Director
Renee Kim

Home is where we build the foundation of our lives. It is everyone’s right to have safe and stable housing.

Fun fact – I love to tidy disorganized and cluttered spaces!

Renee Kim
Resident Services Manager

My heart is in housing work. Safe, secure housing is vital for healthy families, communities, and lives.

Fun fact – I love being outside near any water! And if conditions allow, I will always take advantage of an outside swim!

Katherine Moore
Director of Programs
Seng Saechao-Leese

Being able to give youth and their families access to opportunities and resources that they normally don’t get is important to me.

Fun fact – I am a home baker and make custom sugar cookies for people!

Seng Saechao-Leese
Youth Services Coordinator
Melissa Stark

Safe and secure housing is a human right that we all deserve. A safe place to live is the foundation to ensuring that all other needs are met.

Fun fact – I love being creative and making messes with arts and crafts!

Melissa Stark
Resident Services Coordinator

I love to be part of a community of diverse people who care deeply about the people, places and creatures that exist in their world. CPAH builds those communities!

Fun fact – Animals are my kryptonite!

Lindsey Leason
Fundraising Manager
Renee Sheets Johnson

I am passionate about community building and preventing social isolation – making sure our residents Thrive in Place!

Fun fact – I belong to a Hacky Sack Club called FLOP – Footbag Lovers of Portland!

Renee Sheets Johnson
Resident Services Coordinator
Lizzy Duarte

I love working with people and connecting them to resources, I believe it’s something everyone needs more access to.

Fun fact – I never learned how to ride a bike.

Lizzy Duarte
Resident Services Coordinator
Danica Thomas

I’m passionate about housing justice, harm reduction, and using the power of community to care for each other.

Fun fact – I love film photography!

Danica Thomas
Resident Services Coordinator
Theo Blackman

I am passionate about meeting my community where they’re at with trauma-informed and culturally specific care, while recognizing the additional barriers people with marginalized identities face.

Fun fact – I love reading an average 100 books a year!

Theo Blackman
Resident Services Coordinator

Safe and stable housing is foundational for the well-being of our communities.

Fun Fact – I like a good bagel

Christopher Ibeling
Associate Housing Developer
Charlie Voss

I do this work as a part of decolonizing landscapes and advocating for equity amongst disadvantaged communities.

Fun Fact – I am a competition blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Charlie Voss
Data Quality Assurance Program Specialist
Rachel Loftin

I love that our housing will help make someone’s life better, and maybe even a bit easier.

Fun fact – I rode a cow on a dare. Two surgeries later, that was the most expensive life lesson I’ve had.

Rachel Loftin
Housing Development Program Manager

Housing is a lynchpin issue. Access to dignified, affordable housing provides our residents with a safe place to rest and stability in their lives to achieve their greatest potential.

Fun fact – I collect cookbooks, with over 25 books and growing!

Mac Cunningham
Associate Housing Developer
Natalie Thornton

Safe and healthy housing is a human right, and key to achieving economic and racial justice.

Fun fact – I love to spend time hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing in our state’s forests.

Natalie Thornton
Asset Management Lead

I’m driven by storytelling, and I hope to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, one story at a time.

Fun Fact – I love collecting trading cards!

Gerardo Morales
Communications Specialist

I’m passionate about taking action for positive change in our communities, so I’m thrilled to be a part of the CPAH team that shares this same value.

Fun Fact – Before there was ice cream, there was chaos.

Diane Schantin

I’m excited to support a passionate team of people who are working hard to change the lives of our neighbors for the better by providing safe, affordable housing.

Fun Fact – I like to go birding with my mom and my sisters.

Amy Lammers

I believe that housing is a human right. Creating affordable and safe communities is key to ensuring housing justice.

Fun Fact – I was born on a Leap Year, so I’ll always be CPAH’s youngest staff member.

Madeleine Horst
Resident Services Coordinator

I believe that housing for all is critical to the health and success of our communities, and I am passionate about combatting the systemic inequalities that prevent people from accessing safe and stable housing.

Fun Fact – I love doing pottery!

Rowan Maher
Housing Case and Management Specialist

I am passionate about helping others especially the ones in need of resources. Housing is human development and advancement, and everyone deserves one.

Fun Fact – I am fluent in four languages

Maimouna Berthe
Rapid Rehousing Program Specialist

I’m dedicated to providing comprehensive support and creating a safe environment for residents to secure stable housing and improve their overall well-being.

Fun Fact – In my 8th-grade choir, we performed at Carnegie Hall in New York!

Regina Ramirez
Housing Case Manager

I’m looking forward to providing healthy community activities for CPAH youth and families.

Fun Fact – I enjoy all things outdoors including fly fishing, skiing, hiking and foraging. I also speak Spanish! 

Alexis Jagelski
Resident Services Coordinator Intern

I got a calling from the social work field through my experience with mental health struggles that put many barriers in marginalized communities.

Fun Fact – I made it to nationals for competitive swimming and got a silver medal!

Hika Kukita
Resident Services Coordinator Intern