2020 In Review

Tumultuous. Enlightening. Overwhelming. Frightening. Intense. Angry. Tender. Imbued with Gratitude. Filled with Smoke. Sad. Resilient.

This year has been almost unbelievable: the pandemic, the fires, the growing social awareness of violence against people of color centered in the Black Lives Matter movement, all which shows the inequities in our society, how vulnerable some people are, and the hard work ahead of us.  Many of us are feeling isolated, stressed about paying the rent or mortgage, not sure how we can really home school our kids while doing everything else.  Our residents are certainly facing much of this along with the “normal” stresses that come with simply being low income, and/or a person with disabilities, and/or a black, indigenous, or person of color.

And ultimately, this year also shows us how important affordable housing is, how stable, healthy places to live are foundational not just for the people who live there, but also for the whole community.  We cannot solve the most pressing social issues in front of us if people don’t even have a place to call home.

At this time, CPAH is leasing up TWO projects – Cedar Grove in the Cedar Mill neighborhood and Red Rock Creek Commons in the Tigard Triangle.

When I started at CPAH five years ago, both these projects were in the very early stages of formation. I was terrified that neither would happen.  What then?  I was also terrified that both would happen!  What then?  Now I know – over the last five years, neck to neck, side by side, the projects have become beautiful housing communities, staffed with resident services, connected with resources and support from places like Community Action and New Narrative, and of course ready to house people!

Who lives in CPAH housing? Some people might be your bank tellers or your kids’ preschool teacher. Some have recently exited homelessness. Some work at the shop around the corner. Who lives in CPAH housing? Our kids, our parents, our neighbors. People for whom the cost of market rate housing is simply too expensive.

Thank you to all our partners, volunteers, dedicated staff, and supporters who make this work possible.  Together, we are Building the Way Home for everyone.


Rachael Duke
CPAH Executive Director

With your help, by donating and partnering in the work we do at CPAH, these stories are possible. Affordable housing and services are powerful investments that can change lives and stabilize communities. So thank you, all of you, for being our partner in this work as we find ways to Build The Way Home for everyone.
Donate now to CPAH so we can keep working hard to support this kind of transformation in the lives around us.

Jesus and Christina moved to Oleson Woods in June of 2016 with their two daughters Angela and Allison. It has been a difficult year for the family, while CPAH’s socially distanced summer program gave their girls an opportunity to stay connected with CPAH Services Coordinators, Talia Vega and Safia Elogbi, whom they had gotten to know and appreciate pre-pandemic, providing some consistency in a time of so much uncertainty. The girls especially enjoyed the art projects, games and activities during the summer program which included learning about gardening with our partners Supafresh. The family then spent time growing many different fruits and vegetables in the garden beds at Oleson Woods, as well as getting outdoors whenever possible. Jesus also participated in other Resident Services Programs including the Budgeting Cohort and the CPAH Food Box Program. He expresses gratitude for all the ways CPAH has supported his family during this challenging time!

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