You’re a Community Builder!

Dear Community,

As I reflect on my favorite memories with CPAH they always include the incredible community gatherings we have had at our properties, especially around the holidays. These gatherings are not only fun but often create lasting bonds between residents so they can create their own community support systems, like CPAH residents Bob and Patty!

Rachael Duke

            Rachael Duke, CPAH Executive Director

Patty and Bob
For the last eight years, Bob, a retired veteran, has actively engaged with CPAH’s community events and built a network of friends at the CPAH senior property he calls home. The community network of friends helped him when he really needed extra support in 2022!


Bob took a bad fall that put him in the hospital for three months and when he was released from the hospital he was confined to a wheelchair. Since Bob lives alone, he initially struggled to get groceries or perform his own in-home rehabilitation therapy. Patty, a retired nurse, offered to help Bob with his daily rehab therapy. Other neighbors, who Bob had met while living at CPAH, also stepped in to help him with his grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and other needs he couldn’t manage on his own. 


Community is so important!
Our Resident Services team knows the critical importance of creating opportunities for our residents to build community and the impact it has on their capacity to thrive in life. CPAH’s Resident Services also provides residents with in-person housing stability and eviction prevention support, after-school and summer programs for our youth, weekly activities for our seniors, and connection to a plethora of supportive services and resources available in Washington and Multnomah Counties.

Your gift builds community!  
When you make a gift TODAY, you will support CPAH’s Resident Services team who are busy organizing holiday community events for our residents, which will create lasting community support networks.


Rachael Duke

Your Impact in Action

Provides food and activities for 3 properties to gather resident families together and build supportive communities.



Provides art materials for 20 CPAH youth to engage in a STEAM learning activity during our After School Homework Club.



Provides CPAH seniors with refreshments and supplies to host a community potluck at their property.