Thoughts From Executive Director Rachael Duke

Despite the significant turmoil in the world around us, I had the opportunity to take a long-planned sabbatical from work, and I left CPAH on October 20th for just over a month. I spent three weeks of this time in a warm and tropical environment, invested in sleeping, reading, hiking, snorkeling, more resting, writing, and thinking about some of the big questions that life tosses at us. I also checked my news feed pretty frequently – it was hard not to. And, although I was not focused on work, I certainly had the chance to think in general about the work I do and how it fits into my life. While I was gone, I celebrated my 8th anniversary at CPAH.

As I near the last year of my fifties (yes, I turn 59 in December), I realize what a gift it is that I get to align my values with the work I do in affordable housing. It is a total privilege to work at CPAH and to work with the staff and board here as well as with many partner agencies in the community. I believe that change is rooted in the relationships that we have with each other and I value those relationships deeply. I can’t say that I left this time with any kind of lightning bolt of inspiration that I can share. Rather I am struck by the passage of time, by the people I know, by the love around me, and by the work we can do to make this a better world.

Especially during hard times.


Warmly –

Rachael Duke, Executive Director