In Loving Memory of Doug Plambeck

Doug Plambeck was so very dedicated to CPAH and our work of building affordable housing, and he was there helping to form the organization since the very beginning days in 1993.

He was a tireless community volunteer, and even until a few weeks before he passed away in March of 2020, he was still a strong advocate and voice, representing CPAH and the need for affordable housing by attending meetings and workgroups around the community.

Doug was truly an inspiration to us all, and we continue to miss him more than words can say.

We are so grateful to dear Doug, his wonderful family (wife, Carol, and children, Beth and
Andrew), and their many, many friends, for their longtime support of CPAH.

Doug with early Board & Staff
An Integral Part of CPAH’s Board of Directors

Doug was our founding and only CPAH Board Treasurer, for 27 years, and he chaired our Finance Committee, participated in both Executive and Fundraising & Outreach committees, plus generously donated to and brought many friends and family over the years to CPAH’s annual fundraising gala, HomeWord Bound.

We’d also like to extend a gracious thank you to the many friends, former colleagues, and family of Doug who have recently made donations to CPAH in his memory, including:

Ross and Laura Baker
Ron and Debbie Niedner
Rep. Margaret Doherty
Jim and Deb Steele
Sheila Greenlaw-Fink and Carl Fink
Veronica Williams
Kathye and Mike Greene
Shannon Wilson
Carol Plambeck

Doug, Rachael, Marianne, Kathryn
Doug & Marianne
Doug Tualatin CAC